Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan with Kenneth D. King in Tacoma

Based on his newest CD Book, Kenneth will demonstrate and students will construct samples of their favorite techniques.

This book is available for purchase. The outline of the book-


  1. Improved Seam Roll
  2. Sewing with the bobbin thread
  3. A new scarf edge
  4. Sewing inside curves to outside curves
  5. Cutting loosely-woven fabrics
  6. Boning from the hardware store
  7. Recycling/Upcycling a jacket
  8. Restyling worn coat edges



  1. Working with lame’ fabrics
  2. Staying necklines and armholes
  3. Staying curves with crossgrain muslin
  4. Inside miter for Hong Kong binding
  5. Bias binding to finish armholes and hems
  6. Lapped seams on a sweater
  7. Seams in bulk fabrics
  8. Double cloth patch pocket
  9. Double welt pocket for felted wool or leather


Drafting and construction details:

  1. Moving fare in a skirt
  2. Skirt fly front/pocket stay
  3. Surgeons; cuff
  4. Cut-on gusset-Norfolk jacket
  5. The action back jacket
  6. The loden coat
  7. Flange yoke detail
  8. The hybrid lapel facing
  9. The stand-away collar

Once registered, you will be sent a questionnaire to pick your choice of techniques you wish Kenneth to cover in this one day class.  There are lots to choose from and a supply list will be complied once the techniques s are decided on.  Kenneth will supply those items difficult to locally purchase.

A $25 Kit fee will be collected at the classroom.

If you register for the Jeans class, this class costs you only $175. Register here fo both classes on this 3 day weekend.

Registration Deadline: December 18, 2016.
Skill Level:
Advanced beginner
Sewing machine, sewing tools
Kenneth D. King

Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan with Kenneth D. King in Tacoma

$ 199.00
Includes lunch