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Learn to Sew
Learn to make things, Ages 12-Adults
Kids 9-11 may enroll along with an adult.

Sewing Classes

Beginners to Professionals
   starting with
Learn to Sew 1 Classes on Saturdays
Learn to Sew 1 Classes on Sundays

Learn to Sew 2 - On Saturdays and Sundays. These classes may be repeated -Simple Designed garments: Tops, Hoodies, Sweatshirt, Pants or Dress Class 1st session
Learn to Sew 2- 2nd session
Learn to Sew 3 - Classic Shirt Class
Learn to Sew 4 - Unlined Hooded Coat

Garment Construction
Sewing Classes
Sewing Machine Basics
A Sewing Open Lab with Great Tables & Machines
Open Sewing Labs on Mondays w/o machine
Open Sewing Labs on Mondays w/machine
Open Sewing Labs on Wednesdays with machine
Open Sewing Labs on Wednesdays w/o machine
Fitting & Pattern Drafting & Pattern Alterations is done in all the classes!

Ryliss Bod's Hooded Coat Class

Workshops with
Kenneth D. King

Moulage & Sleeve Drafting Weekend Workshop, 

September 13-14, 2024
$725 (3 seats open)
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Trouser Drafting Workshop

October 25-26, 2024
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Build Your Custom Dress Form
with Kenneth D. King

November 1-4,  2024
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Using your slopers to design and alter patterns with Ryliss Bod
October 3- $250
October 4- $250
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Private Lessons Late afternoon on Mondays 1 1/2 hours
Private Lessons Fridays for 2 hours
Private Lessons Fridays for 4 hours
Private Lessons Sundays for 2 hours
Private Lessons Tuesdays for 2 hours
Private Lessons Tuesdays for 4 hours
Private Lessons Thursdays for 4 hours

Gift Certificates in $85 increments 
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The Sewing & Design School in Tacoma, WA offers cutting edge sewing classes and workshops with expert instruction in constructing clothing with today's fabrics, personal pattern alterations and fitting, pattern drafting and design, quilting and fiber arts. From teaching beginners to hobbyists and professionals, we have classes that will appeal to all skill levels. We’ll give you helpful tips on adjusting patterns to fit before you sew, eliminating the frustration of wasted time and effort. Our highly qualified instructors, well respected in the sewing and fashion industry, will teach you the easiest and latest methods and trends available to help you achieve your sewing and designing goals.

Measurements are key to getting a custom fit. Every student who sews a garment at the Sewing and Design School has their measurements taken and their patterns altered to fit. Whether you are a newbie to sewing or an experienced quilter or seamstress, a good fit in a garment is a must.

 Altering and Hacking Patterns Class, Part 1, $15 click here.

Part 2 of the Altering and Hacking Patterns has
46 Photo Charts for Minimum Wearing Ease from Tops to Bottoms.  $49 click Here

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Sewing and Design School Blog, Click Here
Find articles on
The Difference between Woven, Stretch Woven and Knit Fabrics
Laundry Saving Tips
Sleeve Designs
Fashion Designers
Dress Friday
Sleeve Ease

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Ryliss Bod
Director & Head Instructor

Instagram @RylissBod click here
Host of #SewApril2024
Every day during the month of April has a theme with Sponsors awarding the People's Choice Winners gifts! Check it out. 2024 will be the 8th year of the contest.

Ryliss Bod is the Washington State's Co-Director of the "Make it with Wool Contest".

CNN Business Article
Sudden Sewing Boom has Sewing Machine Sellers Scrambling
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4424 - 6th Ave. Suite 2   
(back of the Real Estate building on 6th Ave, close to North Stevens)
Tacoma, WA 98406

Park free outside the entrance to the school!
 Ryliss Bod is Washington State's Central West District Director of the Make it with Wool Contest.
Information about the Make it with Wool Contest in Washington State, click here

Martha Phelps, from Mercer Island, WA was the 1st place winner in Washington in 2022.

Information about the National Make it with Wool Contest, click here.

Kim Vogley from Washington State's Central West District place first in the Adult Division in the 2022 National Make it with Wool Contest!

Tailored to meet YOUR NEEDS!

Private Sewing Lessons
with Ryliss Bod
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It is our goal to meet the needs of your community. Please email your class, instructor or sewing requests to


Fabric Resources

Metro Textiles

Shop Online with Great  Fabric Prices

Kenneth D. King

Kenneth travels to Tacoma to teach Workshops

September 13-14 2024
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Trouser Drafting

October 25-26 2024
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Build a Custom Dress Form
November 1-4, 2024
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Sewing Classes

Take a 3 hour class sewing class, first step -alter the pattern to fit.  Saturday Classes , age 12-adults. For more information and to register - Register Here