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Flash Drive Book The Collars by Kenneth D. King

The Collars
by Kenneth D. King

• A Flash Drive Book*
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The Collars is another installment in the series of couture patternmaking Flash Drive books. After drafting sleeves, the collars are the next step in developing a pattern. This starts with the collars on a round neck, which are drafted on a rectangle. Examples are the band collar, men’s shirt collar, the Peter Pan, and petal overlap collars. V-neck “rules” are next, followed by collars on a V-neck. Examples are the all-in-one standing, and all-in-one roll collars, the insertion collars, and the semi-collars. As the other Flash Drives’s, this one makes use of numerous step-by-step illustrations to ensure a successful draft.

Flash Drive Book The Collars by Kenneth D. King

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Sun, May 31, 2020 at 0:00 am
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