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Flash Drive Book - Tailored Jacket by Kenneth D. King

Tailored Jacket
by Kenneth D. King

• A Flash Drive Book, 289 pages*
• $27.95 US – shipping included.

My aim was to create a book that illustrates the process so well that one would feel confident to try an tailored jacket. This book covers the construction of my tailored jacket by following a jacket, from the cutting out to the finishing. The text is illustrated with over 300 photos, showing even the smallest details in the process I use to make my tailored jackets. Some of the topics covered are:

Materials and tools
Patternmaking to create the linings, facings, and other corollary pieces so that all pieces fit together perfectly
Complete construction of the garment, with “sidebars” at different points in the process. For example:
The perfect way to ease a sleeve cap
Constructing the notch lapel, as well as the shawl lapel.
Handling uneven shoulders
Constructing the lining, including installing the hidden lining pocket and piping

And more!

Flash Drive Book - Tailored Jacket by Kenneth D. King

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Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at Noon
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