New Orleans - Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan with Kenneth D. King Saturday

Based on his newest CD Book, Kenneth will demonstrate and students will construct samples of his favorite techniques. he workshop will be located close to Promenade Fine Fabrics, on historic St. Charles Avenue, the oldest running streetcar line in the United States.

Take one or both days.

This books is available for purchase in cd form or on a flash drive.  The flash drive has enough space to add additional information  and photos (Best Buy).  

 Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan -$25.95

 Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan-International Orders $33.95

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The outline of the book-

            Tips, Techniques and Drafting

  1. Improved Seam Roll
  2. Sewing with the bobbin thread
  3. A new scarf edge
  4. Sewing inside curves to outside curves
  5. Cutting loosely-woven fabrics
  6. Boning from the hardware store
  7. Recycling/Upcycling a jacket
  8. Restyling worn coat edgess
  9. Working with lame’ fabrics
  10. Staying necklines and armholes
  11. Staying curves with crossgrain muslin
  12. Inside miter for Hong Kong binding
  13. Bias binding to finish armholes and hems
  14. Lapped seams on a sweater
  15. Seams in bulk fabrics
  16. Double cloth patch pocket
  17. Double welt pocket for felted wool or leather
  18. Moving fare in a skirt
  19. Skirt fly front/pocket stay
  20. Surgeons; cuff
  21. Cut-on gusset-Norfolk jacket
  22. The action back jacket
  23. The loden coat
  24. Flange yoke detail
  25. The hybrid lapel facing
  26. The stand-away collar

A $25 kit fee will be collected at the class.

Registration Deadline: December 30, 2017. 

Skill Level:
advanced beginner
Sewing machine, sewing tools and the cd book or flash drive of Cool Tricks.
Kenneth is a professor at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and the Sewing and Design School. Kenneth won the Association of Sewing and Design Professional's 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. He is known for his articles in Threads Magazine, his books, CD books, TV show (�Sewing Today�), and "Jean-ius" an online class at , as well as his excellent teaching skills and his dashing personal style. He teaches workshops in Moulage, a French method of drafting and constructing a body double and bodice, jacket and overcoat slopers, Sleeve Drafting, Trouser Drafting, Designer Techniques, Cloning your Favorite Garments, leather and fur construction techniques and countless other techniques.

Contact Kenneth directly at or visit

New Orleans - Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan with Kenneth D. King Saturday

$ 227.00