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Denver -Moulage Drafting with Kenneth D. King Canceled

Draft a body double pattern and sleeve with your own measurements that will become the basis for all your pattern designs and pattern alterations for tops, jackets, coats and skirts.
Once you have your draft, you will sew a muslin torso, Kenneth will fit and alter your draft. 

Then you will be shown how to make a bodice, jacket and overcoat sloper master patterns.
You will construct a bodice sloper and draft a sleeve pattern to fit.

Wear a leotard or other tight fitting garment, with the desired foundation garments, to the first class.  This facilitates accurate measuring. 

Click here to watch the measuring done for a Moulage. 

No Refunds after April 15, 2018

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The workshop will be held at the Courtyard Denver Stapleton, located at 7415 East 41st Ave, Denver, Co 80216.  (303) 333-3303.

Flash Drive of Kenneth’s Moulage book is available on the Shop Online page. His books go into greater depth than the class notes The class notes will be emailed to you to print out or purchase at class. Just let Ryliss know a week in advance. The notes are 31 pages or so long.

The Moulage – $24.95 US
* The Moulage - $34.95 US International Orders
The moulage is the foundation of the pattern drafting system taught by the Ecole Guerre-Lavigne in Paris. This is a system of measuring the figure, calculating, and drafting a pattern that will fit the torso like a second skin, incorporating any of the infinite variations of shape the human figure can take.

The book starts out with an introduction and some history of the development of pattern drafting systems. This is followed by a discussion of the proper way to measure the figure, for this system. The CD-ROM, which is made for QuickTime Player, shows a video demonstration of these measurements.

Calculations of the measurements follow. Measurements are in both inches, and metric. The book then proceeds to show, step by step, how to draft the moulage back, then the front. Common adjustments to the muslin is next, followed by instructions on drafting the men's moulage.

From the Moulage the book will cover how to add wearing ease to create the sloper, or block (the basic unit of pattern drafting). A chapter on "special cases" follows, covering unusual situations such as osteoporosis.

Finally A discussion of how to use your sloper to check a commercial pattern will enable you to use this tool as a fitting aid, making it easier to adjust patterns to your figure.

This book uses Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from The CD-ROM video uses Quick Time Player, which you can download for free from

The follow-up to this book is, The Basic Sleeve

The Basic Sleeve – $19.95 US
*The Basic Sleeve - $29.95 US International Orders
Once you get your slopers, you will need a sleeve. This book continues with the Ecole Guerre-Lavigne system, to draft the three most basic set-in sleeves: Shirt sleeve, fitted sleeve with elbow dart, and two-part tailored sleeve.


Before drafting these sleeves, there are calculations to be done to generate the values for the draft. Inches and metric are both used here. The three sleeves are demonstrated with step-by-step illustrations that will lead you through the entire draft.


Finally a discussion of common adjustments to the sleeve, and other considerations, are covered.


This book uses Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from

Advanced Sleeve – $24.95 US
*Advanced Sleeve - $34.95 US International Orders
This is a continuation of the French pattern drafting method I learned from my teacher. In this CD, we cover more complex set-in sleeves, drafting raglan sleeves, and drafting the Kimono (cut as one with the bodice, as opposed to a set-in) sleeve. Also covered are the common adjustments needed to make the sleeves fit once they are drafted. There are 215 pages to this book, which, like the others, is in PDF format, so you can take it to Kinko's and have it printed off if you like (or print it on your home printer.

If you desire to have a dress form that is your exact double with a moulage built onto it, Kenneth will work with you privately.  Contact him at


With these Masters you will be able to design your own patterns and alter commercial patterns. Follow it up with Ryliss Bod for a day of doing just that. Click Here

Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner
Materials Included:
3 yards muslin, 2 yards elastic 1/4" wide, sewing machine, sewing tools, fabric scissors, pins DUAL TRACING WHEEL, 3 yards pattern paper, paper scissors, pencils, color pencils, scotch tap, 24" separating Zipper.
Instructor Name:
Instructor Bio:
Kenneth is a professor at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and the Sewing and Design School. Kenneth won the Association of Sewing and Design Professional's 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. He is known for his articles in Threads Magazine, his books, CD books, TV show (�Sewing Today�), and "Jean-ius" an online class at , as well as his excellent teaching skills and his dashing personal style. He teaches workshops in Moulage, a French method of drafting and constructing a body double and bodice, jacket and overcoat slopers, Sleeve Drafting, Trouser Drafting, Designer Techniques, Cloning your Favorite Garments, leather and fur construction techniques and countless other techniques.

Contact Kenneth directly at or visit

Denver -Moulage Drafting with Kenneth D. King Canceled

$ 740.00