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Redwood City, CA - MOULAGE AND SLEEVE DRAFTING with Kenneth D. King

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Kenneth D. King will take you step by step through the process of making a body double pattern from your own measurements.  With this, you will draft a bodice sloper, jacket sloper and be given instructions to grade to an overcoat sloper.  With these Masters you will be able to design your own patterns and alter commercial patterns.  Follow it up with Ryliss Bod for a day of doing just that.
Wear a leotard or other tight fitting garment, with the desired foundation garments, to the first class.  This facilitates accurate measuring.

Click here to watch a Moulage Video.

The class notes will be emailed to you to print out for the class.  The notes are 31 pages or so long.

A Flash Drive of Kenneth's Moulage book is available on the Shop Online page.  This may also be sent as a digital version via email.  His books go into great depth than the class notes.  I took my Flash drive book to a local print shop and had it printed and spiral bound.

Flash Drive The Moulage Click Here $24.95
Digital Version The Moulage Click Here $24.95
Flash Drive The Basic Sleeve Click Here $19.95
Digital Version The Basic Sleeve Click Here $19.95
Flash Drive Advanced Sleeve Click Here $24.95
Digital Version Advanced SleevClick Here $24.95

Skill Details:
This small group workshop is perfect for the
Materials Included:
Class notes will be emailed to each attendee prior to the workshop. It is the resposibility of each attendee to print these out and bring them to the workshop.
Sewing machine, 3 yards of pant muslin, Sewing tools such as fabric scissors, thread, pins, tape measure, scotch tape, drafting paper, (this can be plotter paper available at Office Depot, Costco, Staples), rulers such as an Omnigrid, L square, curved, pencil, colored pencils, dual tracing wheel.
Instructor Name:
Instructor Bio:
Kenneth is professor at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and the Sewing and Design School. Kenneth won the Association of Sewing and Design Professional's 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. He is known for his articles in Threads Magazine, his books, CD books, TV show (Sewing Today), and "Jean-ius" an online class on Craftsy. To read more of his accomplishments, click here.

Redwood City, CA - MOULAGE AND SLEEVE DRAFTING with Kenneth D. King

$ 810.00
Price is 10% off if registered before 12/31/2018