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The Minott Method Total Pattern Fit by Jan Minott. This is an easy method of adjusting commercial patterns. New books are available on a Lanyard USB Flash Drive for $21.95 including shipping. Click Here. International order $31.95 includes shipping click here. Pick up in the classroom and buy it there for only $18, including sales tax and save the shipping.

The Minott Method Skirts and Pants by Jan Minott. The Minott method takes into account figure differences; skirts and pants are drafted to fit one's hip shape and posture type, not just waist and hip measurements.  These are currently on back order.

The Wrinkle Charts from the Minott Method Total Pattern Fit by Jan Minott. The wrinkle charts also include the alterations to correct the wrinkles found in a poor fit. New books for $11 includes shipping within the United States.  Click Here.International orders $32 click here.

Lynda Maynard's CD Book De-Mystifying Fit
This CD Book offers a visual approach to fitting. A moulage/sloper/basic pattern that has been fitted or drafted to your personal measurements is duplicated in clear plastic with the necessary reference points (dart placement, waistline. apex, etc.). This "tool" can be placed on the commercial pattern to aid in pattern alteration. The necessary changes are clearly visible. This book guides you through the process from pattern alteration to fitting a muslin "test" garment.
$27.95 includes shipping in the US First Class
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$39.95 includes shipping for International Mail and Canada First Class
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Books  available on a Flash Drive by Kenneth D. King
Make a note of which you would like in your order.  Kenneth will also put several books on one flash drive if you prefer.

Patternmaking 1 Course Notes Developed to Teach Patternmaking - $29.95 US
Patternmaking 1 Course Notes Developed to Teach Patternmaking - $43.95 International Orders

Patternmaking 2 Course Notes Developed to Teach Patternmaking - $29.95 US
Patternmaking 2 Course Notes Developed to Teach Patternmaking - $43.95 International Orders

The Moulage – $24.95 US
* The Moulage - $38.95 US International Orders
The moulage is the foundation of the pattern drafting system taught by the Ecole Guerre-Lavigne in Paris. This is a system of measuring the figure, calculating, and drafting a pattern that will fit the torso like a second skin, incorporating any of the infinite variations of shape the human figure can take.

The book starts out with an introduction and some history of the development of pattern drafting systems. This is followed by a discussion of the proper way to measure the figure, for this system. The CD-ROM, which is made for QuickTime Player, shows a video demonstration of these measurements.

Calculations of the measurements follow. Measurements are in both inches, and metric. The book then proceeds to show, step by step, how to draft the moulage back, then the front. Common adjustments to the muslin is next, followed by instructions on drafting the men's moulage.

From the Moulage the book will cover how to add wearing ease to create the sloper, or block (the basic unit of pattern drafting). A chapter on "special cases" follows, covering unusual situations such as osteoporosis.

Finally A discussion of how to use your sloper to check a commercial pattern will enable you to use this tool as a fitting aid, making it easier to adjust patterns to your figure.

This book uses Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from www.adobe.com The CD-ROM video uses Quick Time Player, which you can download for free from www.apple.com

The follow-up to this book is, The Basic Sleeve

Related CD: De-Mystifying Fit - A CD Book by Lynda Maynard

The Basic Sleeve – $19.95 US
*The Basic Sleeve - $33.95 US International Orders
Once you get your slopers, you will need a sleeve. This book continues with the Ecole Guerre-Lavigne system, to draft the three most basic set-in sleeves: Shirt sleeve, fitted sleeve with elbow dart, and two-part tailored sleeve.

Before drafting these sleeves, there are calculations to be done to generate the values for the draft. Inches and metric are both used here. The three sleeves are demonstrated with step-by-step illustrations that will lead you through the entire draft.


Finally a discussion of common adjustments to the sleeve, and other considerations, are covered.


This book uses Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free from http://www.adobe.com

Advanced Sleeve – $24.95 US
*Advanced Sleeve - $38.95 US International Orders
This is a continuation of the French pattern drafting method I learned from my teacher. In this CD, we cover more complex set-in sleeves, drafting raglan sleeves, and drafting the Kimono (cut as one with the bodice, as opposed to a set-in) sleeve. Also covered are the common adjustments needed to make the sleeves fit once they are drafted. There are 215 pages to this book, which, like the others, is in PDF format, so you can take it to Kinko's and have it printed off if you like (or print it on your home printer).

 Trouser Draft – $24.95 US
*Trouser Draft - $38.95 US International Orders
The trouser draft starts with a video on the Cd, demonstrating the proper way to take measurements. We then cover the calculations, and then drafting the trouser from calculations. Afterwards, making up in muslin, and the adjustments, are covered. finally, adding pockets, pleats, and waistbands, to make the trouser your design, will be discussed

 Birth of a Bustier – $24.95 US
*Birth of a Bustier - $38.95 US International Orders

If you've ever made strapless garments, or high-faced waistbands, you will know how difficult it is to make a garment that stays in position, and performs reliably. So, I've expanded on an article I wrote for Threads Magazine, and produced this CD book! People sometimes ask, "I don't make evening wear, why do I need this information?" It is precisely the high faced waistband. It is in a sense, a very short strapless garment, one that doesn't go over the bust.

After a brief introduction in the book, I cover first, the steps to get a well-fitting pattern for a strapless garment. This, as you know, is key to the process. (I use The Moulage, so if you don't have that CD, it is recommended.)

From there, I cover the materials needed for this type of construction, along with a resource list.

From there, I cover two types of construction--Bustier construction, and corselet construction. A section on how to adapt this information to make the high-faced-waistband is also included.

As with the other CD books, this one is also a PDF file, read on Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free from www.adobe.com

There are 141 pages, with many illustrations in the pattern making section, and many color photos in the construction section, taking you through all the steps to create a garment that performs reliably and fits perfectly.

The Collars – $24.95 US
*The Collars - $38.95 US International Orders
This is a continuation of the pattern drafting system I learned from my teacher, who studied at the Ecole de Guerre-Lavigne in Paris.

We start with collars drafted on a rectangle (band collar, shirt collar, peter pan), then continue on to V-neck collars. Under this section we start with the "rules" surrounding V-necklines, then cover the collars that set onto the neckline, such as the all-in-one collars, and the insertion collars.

Finally we go to the "semi-collars", collars that don't set onto a classic V-neckline or round neckline. 135 pages.

Necklines and Draping – $24.95 US
*Necklines and Draping - $38.95 US International Orders
In necklines, we will start out with some classic necklines, like the broad oval, boat neckline, and the high shaped neckline. Then we cover "neckline theory". My teacher added to the body of knowledge of the system she used, by inventing this method of controlling necklines that are low in back as well as front. This makes one able to make a neckline that doesn't gap in front or back. Once you understand neckline theory, we continue on with the draped necklines, and finish up with flat pattern draping. A discussion of how to control the neckline during garment construction, complete with lots of photos, is included. 141 pages.

The Skirts – $24.95 US
*The Skirts - $38.95 US International Orders
This is another installment in the series of couture pattern making CDs. This 191 pages book shows how to draft skirts from measurements, and includes the straight skirts, the flared skirts, gored skirts, panel insertion skirts, and some novelty skirts. At the end is a section on adjusting the skirt for proper fit.

There is also a video on this CD, demonstrating the proper measuring of the figure for drafting skirts

 Dress Lines – $19.95 US
*Dress Lines - $33.95 US International Orders
This is the final installment in the series of couture pattern making CDs. Dress Lines (116 pages) starts with the sloper generated from "The Moulage" CD, and shows the classic dress line drafts. It begins with the A-line dresses, then the two princess line drafts, the two tent dress drafts, and the Empire line draft. The Dress Lines CD finishes the series of pattern drafting, as Kenneth learned it from his teacher.

Tailored Jacket – $27.95 US
*Tailored Jacket - $39.95 US International Orders

I am excited about this book, as it is the book I would have wanted when I was learning how to make tailored garments. My aim was to create a book that illustrates the process so well that one would feel confident to try an tailored jacket, knowing that there would be enough photographs to illustrate what the process in the text would look like.

This CD book has been proof-read by my three master proof-readers, Kathy Judd, Anne Fukano, and Shireen Irvine Perry--they each gave their comments and questions, which showed me where I needed to to make certain points clearer or add more photos to really exactly explain a point or process.


It covers the construction of my tailored jacket by following a jacket, from the cutting out to the finishing. The text is illustrated with over 300 photos, showing even the smallest details in the process I use to make my tailored jackets. Some of the topics covered are:


  • Materials and tools
  • Patternmaking to create the linings, facings, and other corollary pieces so that all pieces fit together perfectly
  • Interlinings
  • The cutting list, so you know what materials to cut the different pieces from.
  • Complete construction of the garment, with "sidebars" at different points in the process. For example:
    • When handling the body interfacing, we will cover how to apply shields if desired, and also how to handle bound buttonholes with an interfacing.
    • Cuff with vent, as well as plain cuff
    • The perfect way to ease a sleeve cap
    • Constructing the notch lapel, as well as the shawl lapel.
    • Handling uneven shoulders
    • Constructing the lining, including installing the hidden lining pocket and piping
    • And more!

Brush Fringe Jacket -$17.95 US
*Brush Fringe Jacket - $31.95 US International Orders
Frayed and fringed edges are being seen in fashion, from the streets to the runways of Paris. This CD book shows how to make tailored clothing with self-fringed edges, while still being able to incorporate sew-in interfacings. Covered are welt pockets, patch pockets, collars, and jacket facings and hems. Conceived as a companion volume to the Tailored Jacket. 63 pages, book on CD.

Handbag Construction – $24.95 US
*Handbag Construction - $38.95 US International Orders

I've got a new CD available--it's called Handbag Construction!

This CD came out of on-line handbag classes I've had the privilege of teaching for Patternreview.com. It features both the soft, and rigid types of construction that I do, complete with lots of photos, so you can really see the important details, to make a success of your project.


The CD also has added sections on using closures and handles, a section on the necessary materials and tools, and a resource list. And, finally, there's photo gallery of my favorite bag creations (drawn from my archives), along with comments on how they were made.


There are lots of photos in this book (I like the photos), and the gallery photos have gotten especially good reviews. This is 96 pages, in the Adobe PDF format, just like all my other CD books.

Making Patterns From Existing Garments – $24.95 US
*Making Patterns From Existing Garments - $38.95 International Orders
This CD outlines the method of taking a pattern from an existing garment, without taking that garment apart. Kenneth's method uses buff-colored silk organza as the medium with which to retrieve the information from a garment. In photos, he demonstrates how to get the information from the existing garment, and transfer that information to paper. ??

There's a special section on using this method to copy trousers, a section on how to find grain lines when they aren't readily visible, a section on how to find grain lines on shirts and blouses, and a section on copying puffed sleeves. A separate section shows how to handle pleats in garments.


??Then, in the section on pattern making, he shows how to translate this information into a working pattern, complete with facings, interlinings, and linings.
??This CD is 142 pages, with photos and illustrations.


For a more comprehensive learning, on his method, take the Clone your Favorite Garment Online Class

Embellishments – $24.95 US -
*Embellishments - $38.95 US International Orders

There's a new CD book out by Kenneth! "Embellishments" gathers many diverse embellishment techniques that Kenneth has written about, taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and across the country. At over 170 pages, with many, many photographs, this is a compendium of techniques that Kenneth has used over the years. The information is divided into four sections: Flowers, Braids, Pleating embellishments, and miscellaneous techniques.
This CD is over 170 pages, with photos and illustrations.

New - Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan -$25.95 US
*New - Cool Tricks Takes Manhattan- $39.95 International Orders
This book contains:


  1. Improved Seam Roll
  2. Sewing with the bobbin thread
  3. A new scarf edge
  4. Sewing inside curves to outside curves
  5. Cutting loosely-woven fabrics
  6. Boning from the hardware store
  7. Recycling/Upcycling a jacket
  8. Restyling worn coat edges



  1. Working with lame’ fabrics
  2. Staying necklines and armholes
  3. Staying curves with crossgrain muslin
  4. Inside miter for Hong Kong binding
  5. Bias binding to finish armholes and hems
  6. Lapped seams on a sweater
  7. Seams in bulk fabrics
  8. Double cloth patch pocket
  9. Double welt pocket for felted wool or leather


Drafting and construction details:

  1. Moving fare in a skirt
  2. Skirt fly front/pocket stay
  3. Surgeons; cuff
  4. Cut-on gusset-Norfolk jacket
  5. The action back jacket
  6. The loden coat
  7. Flange yoke detail
  8. The hybrid lapel facing
  9. The stand-away collar

*International Orders are shipped through Air Mail.

My guiding philosophy when writing these books is, that I want to write the books I wanted and needed when I was starting out. These CD books are for those people, like myself, who wish to master the craft of haute couture pattern making and construction.

The big advantage of books on CD is that I’m not limited by the constraints of publishing a paper book, but can include as many illustrations, photos, and explanations as I feel necessary, to be entirely clear about the topic.

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